Chhatrasal Bundela with Shivaji (1670-71)

The next sketch shows the famous Bundela hero, Chhatrasal, meeting Shivaji.

Chhatrasal was the fourth son of brave Champat Rai, who was "hunted down" by order of Aurangzeb in 1661. At this time he was a young man of around twenty or so. Shivaji was already the most celebrated and heroic Hindu figure of his times, who had faced the Mughals on equal terms and whose exploits and achievements, courage and idealism had won for him respect throughout India. Chhatrasal offered to serve Shivaji in latter's war against Aurangzeb. But Shivaji suggested to him to open hostilities against Aurangzeb in Bundelkhand where he would gain many adherents. "Illustrious Chief! Conquer and subdue your foes. Recover and rule your native land …", Shivaji advised him.

In years to come, Chhatrasal kept a non-stop war against the Mughals in Bundelkhand, earned great respect and renown for his independent spirit, sense of honour, and love for his land and freedom, and finally carved out an independent state with its capital at Panna. When his eventful 81 years long life came to an end in 1731, the Mughal rule from Bundelkhand had been wiped off.

In the next sketch Shivaji, after alighting from his horse in standing, waiting for Chhatrasal to come near. Chhatrasal's horse is standing at some distance. Shivaji with extended hands is welcoming Chhatrasal.