Shivaji's Karnatak Expedition

Chronology and the route

Shivaji sets out from Raigarh on his Karnatak expedition (beginning of January, 1677).

Reaches Haidarabad, the capital of Golkonda State in early February 1677.

Leaves Haiderabad in early March 1677.

Marches south towards Krishna (from Kurnool, levies 5 lakh huns).

Army halts at Anantpur, about 44 miles south of Kurnool), while Shivaji visits Nivritti Sangam (24 miles north-east south of Kurnool), Chakratirtha, Shri Shaila (37 miles east of Chakra Tirtha), all sacred religious places.

Shivaji leaves Shri Shaila in first week of April, 1677 and rejoins army at Anantpur.

Shivaji reaches Tirupati (probably by way of Nandiyal and Kadapa).

From Tirupati enters the plains of the east-coast and passing through Kalahasti arrives at Peddapolam, 7 miles west of Madras, about early May, 1677.

From Peddapolam sends a force through Conjeveram to capture Jinji and arrives at Jinji, captured on c. 13th May1677, and approves large scale changes in the fortifications and buildings.

From Jinji, Shivaji turns back to Vellore (arriving there about 23rd May).

Leaving a force to capture Vellore, the strongest fort in Southern India, Shivaji arrives at Wali-ganda-puram (28 miles north).

Shivaji crosses Vellar river and cantons his army at Tirumalavadi (12th July) 10m. due south of Tanjore where the envoy of the Nayak of Madura waits upon him. and stops at Tundumgurti (sends army to take possession of Elavanasur ,22 miles further north).

From Tundumgurti he moves 16 miles north-east to worship at Shiva temple at Vriddhachalam. (1-3 August)

On 23rd September Shivaji is at Vanikamvadi (40 miles south-west of Vellore)

October 3, Shivaji within 2 days march from Madras (Porto Novo pillaged, Arni surrenders to him and also some other forts of North Arcot).

Shivaji ascends Eastern ghats, takes possession of Kolar, Uskota, Banglore, Balapur and Sera, formerly in his father Shahji's jagir.

Shivaji returns through Bellary and Dharwar districts reaching Panhala fort in April 1678.

(In this 14 moths long Karnatak campaign, Shivaji annexed the territory "estimated to yield 20 lakhs of hun a year and included a hundred forts taken or built by him. Jinji was made the administrative head-quarters, with another Viceroy to administer thetableland of Mysore).